Saddle up for a day filled with fun, learning, and exploration at Sam Centre! Sharing the Stampede story of grit and glory, our field trips provide a valuable educational experience for grades K-6. Captivating imaginations and sparking curiosity, the Sam Centre Education field trips showcase that history, culture, and community can be as thrilling as the rodeo!

The Sam Centre Education Field Trip will invite students and educators to immerse themselves in and connect with the rich history of the Calgary Stampede. Students will have authentic experiences that are intentionally designed to bring the Alberta Education Program of Studies to life, exploring three main themes:


Stampede and southern Alberta Stories

Elbow River Camp

These experiences will be hands-on, utilizing space and interactive exhibits within Sam Centre and most of all, these will be authentic Stampede FUN!


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Kindergarten Field Trip - Senses of the Stampede OR Belonging at the Stampede

Embark on a sensory journey through the Stampede, discovering the unique canvas of scents, sights, and sounds that capture the narrative of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! Learn through play how pancakes bring communities together and how the cowboy hat weaves connections across many cultures in Calgary.

$240 / class / Half-day
$390 / class / Full-day

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Grade 1 Field Trip – Pancakes and Community Connections

Discover the rich Western style, symbols, and year-round operations that make the Stampede a recognizable community. Through artifacts, hands-on exploration, and storytelling, Guy Weadick’s vision of celebrating the old West will come to life. Together in this hands-on field trip, we’ll uncover how the Stampede brings Calgarians together, forming bonds, a sense of belonging, and cherished memories.

$390 / class / Full-day


Grade 2 Field Trip - Stampede Story Round-up

Giddy up for an imaginative adventure into the past of Calgary’s 112-year-old story, the Calgary Stampede! Together, we will put on our historian hats and share stories of how we have grown from the beginning to now. As we two-step back in time together, we will discover how the Stampede began, and how people from all over the world come together to celebrate the spirit of the Wild West. 

$390 / class / Full-day

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Grade 3 Field Trip – Discovering Stampede Culture

Howdy, historians! Get ready for an adventure in creativity and history as we discover the foundations of the Calgary Stampede and Western culture, past and present. Together, we will seek the cultural characteristics found throughout the Calgary Stampede, and how it impacts the quality of life. Each artifact in Sam Centre tells a story, and each story gives us a snapshot in time that mirrors the year it was made. 

$390 / class / Full-day

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Grade 4 Field Trip – Stampede and Southern Alberta Through the Eras

“There’s the horn, and the charge is under way!” Hop on your chuckwagons and get ready to gallop through time. We’ve harnessed the power to transport seamlessly through history and present day in one experience. As we hotfoot it to complete a Sam-wide scavenger hunt, we will discover how the Stampede has contributed to quality of life in Alberta and learn the value of this part of our identities as Calgarians.

$390 / class / Full-day

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Grade 5 Field Trip – Tales, Trails and Traces

Step into the boots of Stampede champions past, present, and future at Sam Centre! Working hands-on with traces (artifacts) and accounts (stories) of the past and present, we will examine the history of real Canadians that have helped shape our community. We will consider who is represented, what tales are being told, and what we can learn about the Calgary Stampede!

$390 / class / Full-day

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Grade 6 - Voices of the Stampede

It takes a herd of people to run the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth; discover the Calgary Stampede’s stakeholders and discuss their decision-making process. To truly appreciate the dynamic relationships involved, we will look at the types of decisions that the Calgary Stampede faces. This experience will not only shed light on the inner workings of the Calgary Stampede, but also instill a deep appreciation for collaboration and decision-making, with a dollop of Western Hospitality!

$390 / class / Full-day

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