English Language Arts & Literature:

  • Text Comprehension is supported by applying varied strategies

  • Students analyze information, contexts, and perspectives using a variety of comprehension strategies (predicting, inferring, making connections, summarizing, synthesizing, and evaluating).

  • Students make inferences based on content that is implicit in texts. Students will revise or confirm predictions based on new or additional information from texts and additional sources.

  • Context refers to the circumstances that form the background of a person, event, idea, or text.

  • Investigate background information about the author or text creator to provide context for informational texts.

Social Studies: Canada: The Land, Histories, and Stories

  • Students will appreciate how changes can impact citizenship and identity.

  • Students will value Canada’s physical geography and natural environment.

    • Demonstrate care and concern for the environment through their choices and actions.

  • Students will analyze how people in Canada interact with the environment.

Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the people and the stories of Canada and their ways of life over time and appreciate the diversity of Canada’s heritage.

  • Students will appreciate the complexity of identity in the Canadian context:

  • Students will recognize how changes in society can affect identity.

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