With over a million guests a year, and more than a century of gathering for The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the story of the Stampede is a dynamic, living story, forever growing.

The Sam Centre is where we bring these stories to life.

It’s an immersive and interactive collection of Calgary’s greatest Stampede stories, as well as a gathering place of story sharing and connection. Sam Centre brings together over 100 years of memories, artifacts, and experiences under one roof. Whether you live and breathe Calgary’s Stampede, or you’re simply passing through, Sam Centre has something for everyone.

From a wild west dreamer and four financiers who started a ten-day festival to a community-led movement that touches all four corners of the city all-year long, it’s all here. Now it’s your turn to create your own Stampede story, at Sam Centre.

Grit and Glory: Stampede’s Greatest Stories


Don Taylor, Calgary entrepreneur and philanthropist, donated $15 million to the Calgary Stampede Foundation to create the Sam Centre. It is named after his father, Robert Samuel Taylor.

“The Sam Centre will show visitors the character, the grit, and the perseverance of the peoples that make up southern Alberta.”

– Don Taylor

"Sam will show visitors the character, the grit and the perseverance of the peoples that make up southern Alberta"

- Don Taylor, Donor

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