Opening in 2024, the Sam Centre is Calgary’s Stampede Story – brought to life in an immersive, engaging and interactive experience that blends modern with history. Once open, the SAM Centre will connect Calgarians and visitors to the rich heritage of Alberta and the legendary story of the Calgary Stampede.


Stories that have shaped the Stampede and our community


Stampede, year-round


Access to Stampede's fascinating collections and archives


Immersed in western hospitality and community spirit

What is Sam Centre?

Sam Centre will share the Stampede Story through multiple mediums: exhibits, an immersive digital experience, personally facilitated moments and an artifact and archival collection space.

Sam Centre will be a one-of-a-kind place animated by captivating showcases, vibrant learning spaces and compelling storytelling, all brought to life through the knowledge, warmth and hospitality of Sam volunteers and employees - with you at the center of the action.

A Community Gathering Place.

The Sam Centre sits at the heart of the Youth Campus at Stampede Park, nestled next to the Rundle Ruins. This site has always been a place of community and the tradition continues with the Sam Centre – a place for celebrating, learning, and sharing legendary stories, year-round.

Take Your Turn in the Spotlight

Put your stamp on our shared Stampede tradition! Step onto Stampede Park and into a world of Western hospitality from the past and present. Sit on a saddle, see yourself in the rodeo chutes, place yourself in the middle of the Stampede Parade or feel the thrill of the midway all year-round.

Project Timeline