With over a million guests a year, and more than a century of gathering for The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the story of the Stampede – and the story of Calgary – is a legendary story.

But beyond the well-known and well-loved parts – the Rodeo and Midway, the barns and the tents, the animals and the athletes – there are deeper, more compelling stories at theheart of the Stampede. Sam Centre is where these stories come to life and where you can play an active part in the ongoing legend of the Stampede.


Don Taylor, Calgary entrepreneur and philanthropist, donated $15 million to the Calgary Stampede Foundation to create the Sam Centre. It is named after his father, Robert Samuel Taylor.

“The Sam Centre will show visitors the character, the grit, and the perseverance of the peoples that make up southern Alberta.”

– Don Taylor

A Community Gathering Place.

The Sam Centre sits at the heart of the Youth Campus at Stampede Park, nestled next to the Rundle Ruins. This site has always been a place of community and the tradition continues with the Sam Centre – a place for celebrating, learning, and sharing legendary stories, year-round.

Sam is a space for the Stampede to pause, take a long look at the Stampede story, and invite the community to share in that deeper look. By inviting our community to join the conversation and help us make new stories and share experiences together, visitors will experience the connection behind the Stampede brand and its deep connection to Calgary and southern Alberta

Take Your Turn in the Spotlight

Since the first Calgary Exhibition back in 1886, the stories of the Stampede and Calgary have been inextricably linked. As the city has grown and changed, so too has the Stampede – ever evolving and adapting right alongside, infusing our city with a unique community spirit each summer, and helping put the city on the map internationally.

The story of the Stampede – and the story of Calgary – includes more than a century of excitement and emotion, twists and turns, challenges and celebrations. It’s an epic tale that moves you, connects you, and most importantly, includes you.

Explore. Embrace. Experience.

Sam Centre will share the Stampede Story through multiple mediums: exhibits, an immersive digital experience, personally facilitated moments and an artifact and archival collection space. Sam will be the place where everyone – locals, tourists, and school groups – will make connections through relevant and relatable exhibitions that tell the stories of the people who have left their mark on the Stampede, Calgary and southern Alberta.

Project Timeline