We’ve harnessed the power to transport seamlessly through history and present day in one experience. As we hotfoot it to complete a Sam-wide scavenger hunt, we will discover how the Stampede has contributed to quality of life in Alberta and learn the value of this part of our identities as Calgarians.

Social Studies: Alberta: The Land, Histories, and Stories

  • Students will appreciate how an understanding of Alberta’s history, peoples and stories contributes to their own sense of belonging and identity.

  • Students will appreciate the factors contributing to quality of life in Alberta.

  • Students will examine Alberta’s changing cultural and social dynamics.

  • Students will examine recreation and tourism in Alberta.

English Language Arts & Literature:

  • How do comprehension processes and strategies enhance understanding of texts?

  • Comprehension processes and strategies can be purposefully applied to broaden understanding.

  • Comprehension is enhanced when relevant connections are made to information within and between texts.

  • Comprehension and making predications have a reciprocal relationship when understanding texts.

  • Comprehension involves inferencing and relying on multiple critical thinking skills when engaging with texts.

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