Together, we will put on our historian hats and share stories of how we have grown from the beginning to now. As we two-step back in time together, we will discover how the Stampede began, and how people from all over the world come together to celebrate the spirit of the Wild West.

English Language Arts & Literature:

  • How does comprehension facilitate meaning?

  • Responses to texts that are listened to include discussions, visual representations, and writing.

  • Questioning includes asking or answering questions regarding: Who?; What?; Where?; When?; Why?; and How?

  • Answers to questions may not be immediately apparent and may involve searching for more information.

Social Studies: A Community in the Past

Students will analyze how the community emerged.

Students will examine how the community has changed over time.

Science: Scientific Methods

  • Investigation of the physical world is enhanced by using scientific methods that attempt to remove human biases and increase objectivity.

  • Investigations are conducted to answer questions, build knowledge, satisfy curiosity, and solve problems.

  • Students will compare observations with others.

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